Office Productivity - Technology Tools and Tips - CTC - Feb 2016

Day & Date
Wednesday , 10 Feb. 2016 | 5.45 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.
Conference Room, Consultair Invesments Pvt. Ltd., 20 Down Town, Cambata Bldg, 2nd Floor, S/W Wing, Eros Theatre Building, 42, M. Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai-400 020.
Subject Subject
CA Adarsh Madrecha Calendar | Backup
CA Dinesh Tejwani Managing Massaging Overload | Task Management
CA Maitri Chheda Content Management | Password Management
CA Mitesh Katira Email Management | Collaborative Working
• Members: Rs. 400 + ST 58 = Rs. 458 • Non-Members: Rs. 600 + ST 87 = Rs. 687
What it will cover
A very high impact, short but crisp 20 minute capsule presented by each speaker covering two topics. At the will cover end of workshop participants will have very practical takeaways in 8 key work areas Make your office radically more professional with smart technology tools.
Who should attend
Anyone desiring to improve productivity and efficiency at workplace
Why this seminar
Today technology tools and gadgets play a very important role at work place, specially in the area of communication, time management and information management. The workshop intends to present tools and tips in eight of these work areas, which will go a long way to improve productivity and efficiency at workplace.

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This seminar will be in the form of a Ted Talk.

Update (11 Feb 2016)
The seminar was appreciated by participants. The attendees really liked the TED Talk type of seminar. Where each speaker spoke 15 mins on teach topic.

Some memories from the event
Receiving Momento

Getting ready for the Seminar (L-R) : +Mitesh Katira , Alok Mehta , +Dinesh Tejwani , +AVINASH LALWANI , +Adarsh Madrecha , +Priya Jain 

House Full seminar

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